Julie (17 June 2011)
"To Shirley"

Dear Shirley,

My family is going through something very similar.

My husband did not receive pay for March and April.  His boss (who is his brother) begged him to stay because he had a trip to China in April and he needed my husband to stay at work until he got back, and he promised that he would be able to pay him on May 2nd.  My husband's other brother is the real estate agent at the house we are renting. He knew the whole situation and spoke to our landlord who is a friend of his. The landlord at the house we are renting said as we are all Christians, he would do the right thing and give us a chance to get through this. He offered to accept our security deposit as payment for March and April rent and we fully expected to be able to pay rent again for May and June which is when our lease ended. May 1st the first brother called to say he would not be able to pay my husband anything and that he was no longer employed.  (He has since then managed to come up with tens of thousands of dollars for his own bills but when my husband told him we are struggling to buy even food he said he didn't have a dime to spare.) Shortly after that the other brother called to say we had to get out of the house immediately.  At this point after months of receiving no pay, we do not have any money left to put our things in storage or hire a truck or anything.  We have barely been getting by on cash gifts to buy food, keep our utilities from being shut off, try not to have our car repossessed.  We also have restrictions on where we can move.  My son, daughter and myself have severe allergies to pets and some foods, perfumes, etc., so it's not as simple as asking to move in with someone temporarily.  We had promised to be out by the end of June which is when our lease originally ended, trusting that God would make a way for us, as we do not like living somewhere we cannot pay for, we would much rather be out of here if we had somewhere to go, but it takes money to even move out  and it's hard to find a place that is safe healthwise for us so we are stuck.  We thought we had found a house that we could move in before July 1 and not have to pay rent until August, but we had been told there were no pets there and when we went to inspect the house there was a cat.  Our allergies to cats are so severe we cannot even consider it. My husband has found a new job but will not be paid anything until July so unless someone will loan us something to get moved out we will have no funds to do so until July.  The landlord is taking us to court this Monday to evict us.I don't know the timing of when we would actually be kicked out. He lied on the court forms saying we did not pay rent for March and April which is not true, those months were considered paid.  It makes it seem like we just squatted here for months which is not how it happened at all.  We would have gladly moved out at the first opportunity if someone would have given us a leg up until my husband starts receiving pay at his new job.  We just keep praying that God will give us someplace to move to and the means to do it.  Every day that goes by and gets closer to eviction, I really don't know what to think.  We never would have believed our own family would so heartlessly throw us out on the street, and they are Christians!  We do have some friends and our church who have helped as much as they could and for that we are very thankful.

I feel very confused about it all, expecting Jesus could come get us any second which make all of this irrelevant, but then knowing it could be a few months or even a few more years and we somehow have to get by until then and we can't even get by for 2 more weeks.

Well anyway, we are in very similar situations.  My family prays every night at 9pm central, we will add you to our prayers, and if you are able please 'join us' at that time, as God can see us as gathered together in prayer even if we are not in the same place :)