Julia (17 July 2011)
"Significance of seeing the number 47"

Hi doves,

I've had a rather odd experience with a new number this week.  Monday night, my husband and I were watching a movie, and I saw the number 47 very prominently on a door.  Tuesday night, we were watching another movie (we're movie hounds, rather than tv watchers :) and I saw another number 47 on a door.  (I just now noticed the significance that they were both on 'doors'.) That coincidence caught my attention, of course.  Yesterday evening, while browsing the internet and not having 47 on my mind, I stumbled across an article that had to do with elements and minerals and in the middle of the page was a portion of a periodic table and in the middle of that was "47 Silver" and it said it was part of 'Group 11'. (11's or some form thereof have always been the numbers that follow me around). Since that was the third time it was put before me in as many days, I decided to look up the biblical significance of 47 and found that lots of other people are seeing this number as well, and that it may mean a refining or trying... which brought to mind the biblical passage where God talks about trying or refining us as silver.

I had goosebumps to say the least. Is anyone else seeing this number?  I haven't seen it since, but doesn't the Lord impress something upon you three times as confirmation that it is from him?

My interpretation... we are being refined and made pure. And He is at the door. :)