Jovial (2 June 2011)
"Was Yeshua / Jesus part of a sect?"

In re the discussion the other day about whether our Savior was a Saducee, he probably was not a Saducee or a Pharisee.  Those who lived in Judah in 1st century AD were in one of 3 main groups:

(1) Pharisee (largest majority)
(2) Saducee (small minority)
(3) Essene (very small minority of the most faithful)

Yeshua (Jesus) was from Nazareth rather than Judah, and was therefore probably not a member of any of these 3 Judean sects.  Various parts of the Gospels record Him disagreeing with at least one point or two of what each of these 3 groups taught, though whether He agreed 100% with Galilean doctrine is unknown since there's not much preserved of Gwhat was taught in His area teachings outside the comments of Yose the Galilean in the Talmud.  The Saducees did not believe in the afterlife or angels or resurrection fo the dead, though the Gospels clearly teach all of these things.

Oddly enough, His parents did grow up in Judah and were probably Pharisees.  Most of modern day Judaism has descended from the Pharisees.


Shalom, Joe