John RP (28 June 2011)
"Luis Vega - "188 Day Interval Pattern""


Very interesting pattern... it doesn't quite work out for the next Sun, Earth, Elenin alignment though.

Something interesting I discovered about 188 though...
7/7/11 is the 188th day of the year, and happens to be the same day that Terrel03 suggests the big doom is coming.   I'm not sure why an alignment of the Sun, Mercury, Elenin, and Saturn would have any affect on earth at all though, since earth would be at a bit less than 90 degrees out of alignment with the rest of them.  But, as Elenin gets closer to earth, it could have more and more of an affect on it's own, without any alignments at all.

Here is the doomday video:  (notice, no acknowledgment of God at all in this video)

I do have a couple questions though:

1) Do we know for sure Elenin is close enough to the sun that we should be seeing a tail?

2) Do we know for certain there is no tail seen?

3) How exactly do we know this "coming star" has 7 satellites-moons or planets, since no one seems to know much about it?

4) On July 7th, Elenin is about 1.74 AU from earth.  Our sun has an asteroid belt and planets (some with moons) farther away than that.  We've seen several near misses recently, including a tour bus size asteroid today (June 27).  Is it possibly this "Brown Dwarf" COULD have asteroids or planets orbiting at a great distance from it and perhaps EARTH'S moon is directly in the path of one of them sometime in July?  That could account for the Little Girl's dream of the moon being destroyed and the space shuttle being in jeopardy.


Luis Vega (26 June 2011)
"188 Day Interval Pattern"


Thanks to Bro "Scott" from the Rapture website forum - (RITAn) Rapture in the Air Now for inspiring me to set to graphics some of the latest findings on the connection/relationship with the most recent Mega-earthquakes and the alignment of ELENIN-EARTH-SUN.

The 188 Day Interval Patter that Scott discovered lines up with the start of the Concepcicon earthquake in Chile, then 188 days later in Christchurch, NZ, then 188 days later in Japan! Will California (where I live) be next...Northern Cal to be exact. Recently there have been some new findings of fault lines in the Bay and Tahoe areas; we are said to be 100 years overdue for the 'Big One'.

ELENIN is not a 'comet' as NASA and the Gov would have us to believe. Astronomers would ...have been able to see its visible tail by now...none to be had! Google Sky and others block it out. It's a Dense Dwarf Star coming up and in-between us and the Sun by Sept 25...just in time for Rosh Hashana. It is the long anticipated return of the 'Red Dragon'...the 'Horned Planet' or the flying 'disk' that all ancient civilizations worshiped and ascribed their 'god's (the Fallen Angels) to have come from and would return! Could this correlate to the imagery of the book of Revelation of asteroids hitting the Earth's sea, intense heat, demonic/satanic (alien) activity on Earth???

The gravitational pull of this coming Star (sun with 7 satellites-moons or planets) will be something else! It is no coincidence, on my research of why we are having massive volcanoes erupt, (33+) just this year...un-heard of within 1 year, record heat, cold, tornadoes, floods, drought, massive crop failure...etc.

On September 11 (9-11) it will be the 10th anniversary of 9-11 and when The Dark Star will be crossing the ecliptic plane and moving into our inner solar system. When it reaches between the Earth and sun, it will most likely generate some sort of pole shift due to it's dense mass and block out the sun in some sort of ecliptic of possibly 3 days without light.

It seems very scary and alarmist but it's on its way and the effects are increasingly being seen and felt on earth, no denying this. Your discernment is advised.