Jim Goodrick (6 June 2011)
"Android location app puts owners at risk"

Comment : Buyers beware ... your location is knowable to others.

Cellphone privacy violations

"Local attorney Aaron Mayer represents three men, one in Florida and two in Texas, who learned from a Wall Street Journal report that their phones could collect and sell their personal information. Their case marks one of the first lawsuits nationally to take issue with Android's privacy concerns.

"If you're using a map application then yeah, it's going to get your location," Mayer said. "If you're using a map application and it's also collecting your gender, your sexual preference and your income, users don't think they're consenting to that."

"Mayer said his clients would not have purchased Androids if they had known about the alleged information collection and sale. The lawsuit seeks compensation for the price of the phones and the value of the data collected from their users, plus punitive damages. " ...