Jim Goodrick (28 June 2011)
"Thank you Fay : 2  Saudi Volcano Fields"


That was so unusual to discover a volcano in Saudi Arabia between Mecca and Medina ( "Harrat Lunnayyir" Field )
that Professor Eshky says may erupt within two years. I agree with you, it fulfills Bible Prophecy, as does all the cumulative phenomenon that is occurring on our planet.

Then, besides that find, scientists also say there is a much bigger field with the same characteristics called "Harrat
Rahat" . It spans a greater distance between Jedda ( port city ) and Mecca ( which they spell as "Mekkah" ) to the South and to the North as far as Medina. That's a lot of property.

The article also mentioned that there were undersea volcanoes, under the Red Sea. I had not realized that before.

With all that is going on, it's hard to research all the news, so I am grateful that you found it.
The article itself tells much more.

Thanks again for sharing it,
Jim Goodrick