Jim Goodrick (25 June 2011)
"Israelis brace for missile onslought"

John and Doves,

If ever there was a time to Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, it is Now.
Many Israelis are fleeing the country. 
In Him,
Jim Goodrick

Israelis Brace for Missile Onslought-- June 23, 2011
"Turning Point 5"

"Yadlin was the latest of several senior figures in Israel's security establishment who have been at pains to warn compatriots they face an unprecedented threat from tens of thousands of missiles and rockets in the hands of Iran, Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Palestinian Hamas in Gaza." .....

"mass attacks by missiles, some carrying chemical warheads "

"The military says this time around Hezbollah has around 45,000 rockets and missiles, some capable of hitting anywhere in Israel from the north.

"Hamas in the south is believed to have up to 5,000 short-range rockets.

"Military planners estimate that if war erupts, up to 1,000 missiles a day could be fired by Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas for up to two months, causing thousands of casualties among the civilian population.....

"There are no masks yet in stock for 40 percent of the population. "