Jim Goodrick (2 June 2011)
"Fermi gamma ray map of the solar flares and CMEs"

John and Doves,

As we head into the Solar Max year ( latter half of 2011 and year of 2012 ), we will see more CME Coronal Mass Ejections
( bombardment of radiation ) and solar flares , both of which disrupt all LEOs ( low earth orbiting ) telecom satellites.
Telecom satellites control our grids of electricity and electronics, our gas and oil pipelines, our autos, our GPS and navigation systems etc. If you access "spaceweather.com", you will get a daily update on the sun's activity.

In Him,
Jim Goodrick

Fermi Gamma Ray Map of the Skies

"Fermi can provide data on solar flares and coronal mass ejections helping experts to protect satellites and astronauts against the particles pushed out by the shock wave.

"The point with Fermi is that it's so sensitive it's likely going to pick up events never seen before," said Gerald Share, a high-energy astrophysicist from the University of Maryland.

"It's just opening up a whole new window to monitor the flares and solar energetic particles at a weaker level than we normally see," he added. "


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