Jim Goodrick (18 June 2011)
"Clarifying TBN"

John and Doves,

To clarify the subject we are adding the following information:

Quoting from our post yesterday :
" Now they refer to TBN as meaning "Touching Billions Now".

"Touching Billions Now " is on TBN's newsletters that they send out. 
As you can see from the following examples, they prefer that meaning.

They of course would never officially Change their phrase, ( for fear of reprisal ) but  just substitute the meaning, and show that phrase rather than "Trinity Broadcasting Network ". It's subtle, but it has the same effect ( without letting anyone say they officially changed it ).

Here are some examples:




"Touching Billions Now " would obviously not be on Dr. Van Impe's website.

It's like the old adage: "the more things stay the same ( the letters "TBN" ), the more they change ( modernized interpretation ).

Hopefully that clarifies the issue,
In Him,
Jim Goodrick