Jim Goodrick (18 June 2011)
"Shirley, Julie, RJ and Joe M"

Dear Shirley and Julie,

Having read both of your posts, my wife and I are saddened to hear of your situations.

We are praying that God will bind the strongman over both of your situations and cover you and your families under His protecting blood.

Shirley, may He send a friend in your time of need who can help you and your son have a place to stay, and the things you need. We are also praying that your husband gets help for his addiction.

Julie, we pray that your husband's brothers repent and show compassion to you in your situation. And if not, then may he send friends into your life who will help you until your husband gets paid.

These economic times are hard on everyone. Sometimes a door will open that we hadn't thought of before. God always finds a way for us. It seems darkest just before dawn.

Joe M's post is a good one, and should help both Shirley and you.

And RJ (  1 Cor 10:31 )  We will also include you in our prayers for your safety and God's protection. If you can get a license number, that will help ... should you have to call the authorities to report unusual behavior.

We --and many Doves -- are praying for all of you.

Our love and prayers,
Jim and Angela Goodrick