Jean Stepnoski (7 June 2011)
"Acts 2:1   When Pentecost Was Fully Come"

Dear Doves,
      One can argue from The Scriptures that The Age of Grace, the period of The Indwelling of The Spirit of Truth, began with a day of Pentecost. It was when day 50 had arrived, or was fully come, of the Omer Count from each day of 1 to 50, the Pente. The Spirit was promised in Acts 1:7-8. Might that be a period beginning a special last 3 days before the 50, the pente, is complete as of the beginning of the Second Pentecost, this year of 6-11-12 on day 1 of The Scriptural Week? This will be like a symbolic 2:1. We have two Pentecosts (Shavuots) before us. The first is based on the Hillel Calendar of the traditions of the Pharisees. It begins 6-7 evening at sundown for Israel. The Second will be starting  6-11 to 12 for Israel according to the traditions of the Sadducees. Days of "eagerly awaiting the joy of his appearing" are before us!
      When according to Acts 1:2 did that Pentecost arrive, was fully come? It was the morning at 9 on day 50. On none of the days 1-49 would Pentecost be complete, be fully come. Each day of the Counting of the Omer of barley is important, yet incomplete until all days combine in the completion of 50. Day 33 would not be complete, or day 40 Ascension Day, or any other day than the 50, the Pente.
      The themes of wedding, vows, marriage, fear of the Lord, seriousness, bride, groom, husband, wife, chuppah, new lives, wedding chamber all find a lovely home in Pentecost (Shavuot)! It took many days to prepare the bride at Sinai and many days to prepare The Master's friends for the tongues of fire and The Indwelling! Look to the events at Sinai. It is important to remember the 3 days before the vows were spoken for wedding and marriage. There were special rules for purification of the people. This year, 3 days before the Sadducean Pentecost will be 6-8 to 11. Might this 3 day period be invaluable and vitally important for dedication and purification before the arrival of The Groom of Grooms for The Wedding of the Ages?
    The words "in the cup of my blood" are the words of the ancient Jewish wedding and marriage proposal. These are the words The Master spoke to His dearest friends at Passover, the last meal they shared in His lifetime, the evening of Nisan 14. Nisan 14 included the proposal, the acceptance, the bride price (ransom) paid in full. Pentecost is the fully come of the preparation period of the bride in Messiah/ Christ. From Passover to Pentecost are preparation days for the bride! When the Pentecost is fully come this year,might  the groom arrive to take the bride to the chuppah? Is the upper room in Jerusalem long ago a symbol of the upper room of the throne room in Heaven? There is the ascending, the rising. The ascending, the rising, of The Counting of the Omer is at its height on day 50, the Pente! The Wedding of the Ages is about to unfold. The 2 patterns at Sinai and the upper room are to help us learn and prepare for the 3rd of the Pentecosts. Might this be the third great Pentecost (Shavuot)? If so, it will be the Pentecostal THIRD DAY! We are promised to be raised up on the last day! It will be the last of the 3 momentous Pentecosts and in this respect, it will be The Last Day. The Great Day for Ascending, for The Rising! The Apostacia! The Departure!
      May we repent, pray, and WATCH for The Groom of Grooms and The Wedding of the Ages!
With Love and Shalom,