Jean Stepnoski (4 June 2011)
"Crowns 1-5: Wedding Presents for His Bride"

Dear Doves,
 Believers in Messiah/ Christ, the Groom of Grooms, may be given individually 1 to 5 crowns, kinds of wedding presents, at the assessment of the Bema Judgment Seat after the event of The Blessed Hope. According to the phrasing of Dr. Jack Van Impe, they are the following:
The Watcher's Crown         2 Timothy 4:8
The Runner's Crown           I Corinthians 9: 24-27
The Shepherd's Crown       I Peter 5:1-4
The Soul Winner's Crown   Matthew 28:19
The Sufferer's Crown          James 1:12
These are explained in a good article about the Bema Judgment Seat at to study. It is especially helpful if the Bema events are just ahead of us! We are cautioned by Paul to let no one take away your crown. His implication? Each adult person who lived in faith past the age of accountability may receive one or more of these crowns, priceless wedding presents for His bride, which Christ our eternal husband will rejoice in giving! We will cast our crowns, our matchless wedding presents, at His feet. We will have the joy of giving The Beloved our presents and gifting Him! Or some will have no crown, no wedding present at all to give. Some will have empty hands and feel ashamed. Each of the Doves may receive at least one crown. This is The Watcher's Crown for those who eagerly await, watch for Him, and desire "the joy of His appearing."
      The sign of an ARK above may have an additional meaning, about a week before the Jewish Shavuot (Pentecost) beginning Sivan 6 on 6-7 to 8, 2011 for Israel. Calvin at RFTH has seen a connection to the Book of Acts 1: 7-8! The FIRST of the 2 Pentecosts will be the Jewish Shavuot, the later is the Christian Pentecost which begins on 6:11-12. The symbol of a crown is another sign that we may be in the last golden days of The Age of Grace, the final days of conclusion for the eternal bride and wife of Messiah/ Christ to prepare for the soon appearance of the Beloved, for The Wedding of the Ages! My thanks again to Suzi for helping me to reflect upon these themes. Bless the Doves. May our Master guide us to the chuppah and the New Jerusalem!
With Love and Shalom,