Jean Stepnoski (25 June 2011)
"Sivan 2011: Signs in the Heavens"

Dear Doves.
      On 6-1 was an eclipse which created the shape of an ark on the moon. On 6-15 was another eclipse and the horns of the constellation of Taurus were over Jerusalem. There is a 3rd on 7-1, Sivan 29. The Summer Solstice was another sign in the heavens on 6-21. After 3 days, from 6-24 to 26, the moon will be in waning phase for North of the equator and in waxing phase for South of the equator. Each day, the moon will appear with the lighted shape of a crescent, losing (as seen from above the equator) or gaining (as seen from below the equator) about 7% of illumination daily. What is a prominent symbol of Islam, on Islamic national flags? It is a crescent moon, of various thicknesses, pointing left or right. When will the crescents begin to be visible in the heavens above us this week? It will be 6-24 to 6-26! What is significant spiritually about this weekend for America? Many "Christian churches" will be reading from and honoring the Koran from their pulpits. From 6-24 to 26 will be a crescent moon weekend literally and symbolically all over America, and everywhere on Earth. For 3 days and nights will be a crescent moon, a symbol of Islam, in the heavens. These will be 3 days of signs in the heavens. Then will be 3 days of increasing darkness of the moon. The number of The Trinity (Father, Son, Spirit) is 3! See for more information, how the crescents will look.
      Then on 6-30, Sivan 28, will be the only Venus Occultation of the Moon in 2011. That makes it unique. It begins at 5:44 Universal Time in Tripoli, Libya and ends at 8:11 Universal Time. It will be seen over parts of Africa, Middle East, and Asia with the use of strong telescopes. What is a significant link for the nations affected? These 3 areas are where many of the Islamic nations are located! Venus is called the morning star in The Scriptures. In Revelation, the Messiah/ Christ is likened to the morning star! What crescent of the moon will be visible on 6-30, Sivan 28? It will be a very slim sliver of crescent moon light at 2.1%. Under 7% or so, without use of a telescope, the moon will appear to be completely dark. The new moon, the Rosh Chodesh, will be near at 0% illumination. The Moon can represent Islam in the crescent phases. However, veiled in darkness near or at the new moon, it can represent the veiled bride of Christ! Venus can represent Christ, the bridegroom, the morning star! Remember, this is the only time in 2011 these will be combined with the Moon Occulting Venus! On 6-30, Sivan 28, the waning Moon Occults Venus. It is 3 days away from the day 1 of the 4th Scriptural Month and the last day of month 6 on the Gregorian Calendar. It will be a Third Day and a Last Day. Do some people want to cover up, to occult Messiah/ Christ and The Scriptures? What might Adonai (Abba Father) think about these things? There are many signs in the heavens to ponder in this month of Sivan.
With Love and Shalom,