Jean Stepnoski (2 June 2011)
"Pentecost to Pentecost in 2011"

Dear Doves,
      How can we possibly go from Pentecost to Pentecost in 2011, twice in the same year, the same month? Depending on which day is chosen for the Feast of First Fruits of barley in 2011, Nisan 16 or Nisan 19 to 20, the date for Pentecost (Shavuot) will begin for Israel on 6-7 to 8 at sundown or 6-11 to 12. What if The Blessed Hope will be on the earlier timeline but Pentecost on the later? What if the earlier Pentecost of Pharisee tradition is incorrect? It then becomes a routine day rather than a Feast of the Lord. The later date of Sadducean tradition would not be the routine day it seems. Rather, it would be the date beginning The Feast of Pentecost (Shavuot). With a 3 day delay, that gives a dual interpretation of raising up on the third day! Look forward 3 days, or backwards 3 days like reading Hebrew from right to left.We have double 3 and a double sign of Jonah! Since Pentecost is celebrated for 2 days we can have a 3-4 day delay.
      The first group to be raised up would be the resurrected, with the sign of Jonah, 3 days before the true Pentecost. This is like reading Hebrew, reading backwards. It would be the people raised up in The Blessed Hope. This would end the Age of Grace, the current Dispensation, and all of the barley harvest symbolically completed. Would the Two Witnesses appear this day or 3 days later? Then another sign of Jonah of  3 days later and the Age of Law resumes, the 144,000 would be set apart and sealed, and the First Fruits of the wheat  symbolically harvested. The date of 6-7 will be the start of the day of double blessing. It will be 6 days away from the Rosh Chodesh, the new moon. The number 6 is representative of the creation. It will be the end of the new moon phase week. The moon will be about 50% dark and 50% light. The moon will be on the verge of unveiling into more revealed in light than darkness of the waxing moon! Remember that if the moon is to represent the bride of Messiah/ Christ, it is STILL VEILED! It will be progressively unveiled each day for the next 7 days after 6-7 to 8. This may represent the progressive unveiling over the 7 years ahead into the full light? It will be day 3 going to day 4 of the Scriptural Week for Israel. This is a triple emphasis on the third day. The number 4 is the servant lamp position on the 7 lamp menorah. The date of Pentecost (Shavuot), as of the Pharisee tradition Hillel Calendar date of Sivan 6, in 2018 will be 5-20-2018. Seven years earlier would be Sivan 6 in 2011. This day on the Hillel Calendar will be 6-7 to 8 in 2011. My thanks to Steve at Anakypto Afterthoughts for these reminders. Pentecost in 2011 to Pentecost in 2018?
      I do not want any of the Doves, or any true believer in Messiah/ Chist to be crestfallen and depressed if Ascension Day, or a time frame of 6-1 to 3, according to the Sadducean interpretation is not the time of The Blessed Hope. I am offering a plausible alternative theory which may apply. There could be a sign of Jonah of 3 days, looking forward and backwards and therefore a double,  between the conclusion of The Age of Grace, and the crossing over on day 3 with another sign of Jonah to the starting of the Age of Resumed Law. The focus can shift from the fullness of the Gentiles to the renewed divine plan focus on the land of Israel, the 12 tribes, the Two Witnesses, the sealed 144,000 virginal young tribesmen of the House of Israel/ Yisrael, and Jerusalem within the sign of Jonah of 3 days, looking forward and backwards! We shall see. May we, each and all, eagerly await The Joy of His Appearing!
With Love and Shalom,