Jean Stepnoski (18 June 2011)
"Drink It New With You"

Dear Doves,
      Our Master promised to wait to drink the fruit of the vine. This is noted in 3 Gospels, so it must be very significant for it to be mentioned thrice. It is in Luke 22:18, Matthew 26:29, and Mark 19:25. Here is the English Standard Version of Mark 19:25. "I will not drink again of the fruit of the vine until the day I drink it new in the Kingdom of God." In John 14:1-9 is "I am the True Vine." Remember the 9 Fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5: 22-24? The fruit of the vine is wine. What does He mean by new? New can be understood to be the first of the season. When does His Kingdom really begin with great joy? With The Wedding of the Ages, His wedding at the chuppah (the wedding canopy then the marriage chamber) in Heaven? His drinking the new wine sounds like the wedding cup with wine which the groom and bride share during the Jewish wedding model ritual at the chuppah!
      When are the grapes  ripened to maturity and harvest in Israel? In days of old and now, the grapes (wine) season begins in June and ends in August. When is the wine new? It is new to drink in the very beginning of the grape harvest, not midway or last. It is the new first of the first. The new grapes and wine can be before the Summer Solstice. Israel is in a semi-tropical climate. The latitude is not far above the equator. This is not like the Sonoma Valley in California or wine country in France. This year the Summer Solstice will be 6-21-2011. Will The Wedding of the Ages and drinking of the new fruit of the vine be when Summer is near, even at the gates? The gates of Summer? The gates of Heaven? The gate for the sheep? The Door?
      Remember that the Summer Solstice is the date with the mean average. Some places on the planet are at Solstice, leave Spring and enter Summer, before others. This is also true at equinox. Might Israel, near to the equator, leave Spring and enter the gates of Summer earlier than 6-21? When will it be for day, hour, minute, and second? Of that day and hour The Father knows! This information for Israel may be very important this year. For Israel will be the final day of Spring, The Last Day. The Summer Solstice is bracketed three days on each side of 6-21 when the sun seems to stop going North above the equator and going South below the equator. There is a Third Day concept to be noticed. Resurrection on The Last Day and related to The Third Day?
      There are other clues in The Scriptures to consider a very late Spring day for The Wedding of the Ages. Consider the lyricism and romance of the Song of Solomon (The Song of Songs). "Come away my love, come away. It is Spring." This would be when one would hear and see turtledoves. The lilies would be blooming. When were Boaz and Ruth married? It was at the completion of barley and wheat harvests. At the conclusion of the first wheat harvest would be when the first of the seasonal grapes wine would be new to drink at their wedding.
      For the next few days before the Summer Solstice, Summer is near, at the gates. Since the days of  6-11 to 14, for the Sadducean Pentecost (Shavuot), we are into the Pentecost Season. In Israel the grapes are daily ripening and the new wine makers are beginning to work. The first wheat crop was harvested in Israel in May this year. The grapes and wine are new in Israel. NOW. Might The Groom of Grooms appear any day now? Sivan 17 on 6-19-2011 is the anniversary of the day the ark ( of life, faith, safety, hope, provision, and future) came to its final resting place on Mount Ararat. Might we enter into His REST soon? The last full day and night of Spring, The Last Day, will be 6-20-2011. Are we in a WATCH period from 6-18 to 21? Might the departure be one of these days? Curiously, according to Torah we are not in the month of Sivan but a month ahead at Tammuz! The date of 6-20 is seen as Tammuz 17? This is one of the 4 fast days according to the prophet Zechariah, and begins the 21 days to Av 9.  There are final days of Spring ahead for those above the equator, like Israel. We shall see. Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,