Janet Pfeifer (2 June 2011)
"To Alex"

Dear John,
Alex was so gracious in correcting my spelling of Mark Biltz.  I wouldl like to thank him and especially you for providing this outlet for the body of Christ!!!  I also admire your gift of numbers but when it comes to numbers I tend to be creative with them also.  One thing though, I would we spoke more like numbers speak.  In the absolute.  Though, God is truth and God changes not.  So maybe speaking God's word it is like speaking numbers and it changes not.  Perhaps that will be as close I come to communicating with numbers.
Again, thank you!
Dear Alex,
Thank you for correcting my spelling of Mark Biltz.  I have misplaced my information by Mark Biltz and did not want to hold the posting till I found it.  It could be months.
Also, spelling is my short suit. Many times a word will slip through a proof read.   If it was not for spell check and the dictionary close by, I would be posting in phonic-eese.
You are such a blessing!
Janet Pfeifer