Jana Miller (30 June 2011)
"Dreams of Darkness Re:Clement .. and a Vision"

Dear John and Doves,
Clement's dream ( by the way,welcome Clement!!) and another dream someone had posted recently, prompted me to post an experience I had several years ago in about '05. I ,too, had a vivid dream about  darkness. I dreamt that while I was out shopping ,on an ordinary day in the early afternoon....I look up and see a very black storm forming in the west. I think to myself," Oh, this looks like a very bad  ,better get to my car and go home."In the time it took to think that thought, I was suddenly covered in complete darkness. It was so thick I could not see my hand in front of my face. I hear the screams and panic of people everywhere. I could feel them as they ran past me. Everyone seemed to be going crazy in fear. I kept saying " This is supposed to happen,it is endtimes." I was not really in panic myself because I knew this. Suddenly, I could see a blood red moon through the darkness...it seemed to come closer to earth and get bigger , like a huge harvest moon. This dream was so real that whenever I go out shopping in this particular area, I still check for that storm !!!     I had my first vision a few weeks ago. It only lasted a minute or less. I  was resting and closed my eyes, when suddenly a film started playing....like a utube video!! I was not asleep!!  I saw a little girl about 6 years of age in a beautiful meadow. She was a very pretty little girl and she had a serene expression as the breeze blew her hair gently. There was this incredible soft light that I cannot really describe...everything was bathed in it ,but there was no sun. The meadow was lovely. I think it may be a meadow in heaven.I am unsure as to who the little girl is. She very much reminded me of the little girl down the street ...she and her twin brother are the product of a surrogate birth. They have two gay men as parents and I  pray for them... asking God to protect them.This really only lasted a few moments because when it happened,I was so surprised that I sat up immediately and thought... what is this?