Jana Miller (30 June 2011)
"Dream of David Wilkerson"

Three days after our dear brother in Christ went home to be with the Lord, I had a dream about him. I usually wait awhile to post dreams because I do not always feel they are all "Doves Worthy".  So if the Lord keeps bringing a dream to mind ,I feel maybe it may be significant somehow......I dreamt I was sitting at a table , it was in a lunch room kind of setting,listening to David Wilkerson. He was sitting at the table with me and there was someone else sitting there,too. I did not focus on who the other person was...I was so happy to be in his company and I was hanging on his every word,( but I do not remember what he was talking about.)  He suddenly stands up as if he needs to get something, and when he does...I see him  change into someone else!!! David's appearance is older and he was wearing a casual suit,kind of tweed..old fashioned. ..suddenly, like in a sci-fi movie...there is another completely different person coming through him!! I see this black pastor , young and clean shaven,dressed in a very neat tan suit,crisp white shirt and tie, a very proper man. A good man. I do not know how I know he is a pastor. Then, David Wilkerson is himself again, and holds up his hand and makes that "wait a second gesture". I cannot wait to tell him about this person I saw within him!!
Then, he says ."Time to go", so we all get up and walk down this hallway to go somewhere ,and my last thought is...that I am very happy I will have time to tell him about this black pastor I saw come through him on our way...like ,one knows there will be time to talk  during a car trip. Have no idea what this means ,which is why I did not post it right away. Maybe his mantle has been passed on to the black pastor?