Frank R Molver (15 June 2011)
"A beguiling light"

Woke up the other morning with the phrase "A beguiling light" on my mind.
It seems that many of us are enticed away from following thru with living and sharing our faith.
I recall the phrase, a beguiling light, from a beautiful Japanese movie entitled Maborosi.
The phrase was used to explain a phenomena that occurs in life.
The scene began with the woman following a long line of mourners dressed in black.
They walked behind a casket down a hillside to the ocean while mournful music was playing.
The woman was depressed and disappeared from her husband.
He finds her when he sees the smoke coming up from the funeral pyre.
She is standing there alone and crying.
They were both widows.
She was crying about her previous husband who had walked into a train.
They had a happy life and she just couldn't understand why he did this.
Her husband told her that it was a because of a beguiling light.
Sometimes fisherman see a light out at see that entices them.
So they sail out to sea further and further, drawn by this mysterious light.
Then tragedy strikes, a storm hits and they are destroyed in the sea.
Seems to me many of us have to be wary of the events in our life.
Things that appear promising may only be a distraction.
But could it be a deadly distraction?.
The world does not play fair.
A river of distractions are there to drive us off course.
It was for a good reason that David said, The Lord is a light unto my path and a lamp onto my feet.
Don't stare at the enticing lights that snares souls.