Fay (10 June 2011)
"Paul Wilson - Mars Structure"

Hi Paul,
Go on to Google earth and input Mars. The co-ordinates:-
71 49' 18. 40" N-29 33' 4. 82"W
Please note that I don't know how to get the small  "o" for 'degrees'. The number 71 at the beginning of the co-ordinates is 71 degrees as is the 29 in the above. When we input the above co-ordinates, we did not use the 'degrees' and put the numbers in - just as you see them here.
The image is exactly the same as the one shown on the you tube clip. It is mind-boggling that certain comments posted, under the clip, are loudly voicing that this has been labelled as 'spam'. It's there all right - for anyone to see.