Ed C (7 June 2011)
"Please Praise the Lord With Me"

I'll be very cryptic:
Thursday night, umpiring a softball game, I "blew out my knee."  Anyone who has ever done that knows what it means and how painful it is.  Skipping the painful discomfort of that night, the doctor's visit the next day, the soreness of Saturday, and moving onto Sunday.
I dropped something under the couch and had to get down on the floor to retrieve it, not easy for me under normal circumstances.  I got down there, retrieved the item, and popped right back up.  My wife says to me, "You can't do that when your knee isn't hurt."  I pondered the correctness of her statement.
Oddly enough, this repeated.  I dropped something else.  It went under the couch.  I went down there and got it, and popped right back up again.  Hmmm.  I later went on the back porch and did all the things the doctor said don't do.  And to the praises of God, not an ounce of pain to be noticed.  Glory!!
Now, the devil, being the creton that he is, says, "Silly, its just the crodozone has kicked in."  Immediately, the Spirit of God responds, "Then explain the other knee, it has no pain and it didn't get cortozone."  That's right, I'm a bystander on my back porch as these two have there conversation.  Truly amazing.
It should be noted that the "other knee" is traditionally the one with the aches and pains.  I guess God healed it also so that cordozone argument wouldn't have a leg to stand on.
Here we are on Monday morning...both knees still as happy as can be.  Glory to God.      
Ed C