Dru (2 June 2011)
"Rapture & Earthquake dream from Alison ..."


Ok, before I share this dream... I want to clarify that I am not in any way predicting anything... even though I was given a specific time period in my dream. It may just be a dream but I wanted to share it, just in case.

The Dream

This dream was actually, early this morning, May 22nd.

In the dream, Bradley and I were in a place that seemed kind of like a planetarium or something like that. There were rows of counters with stools on one side as though we were going to watch a lecture or something. In front of us was a huge window/screen that curved around like a plane window would. This window / screen was about 40 feet tall and about 50 feet wide.

As we watched the scene, I could see these overly large planes (they were real size but it was blown up due to the screne size). These planes looked like American planes, commercial planes. They were landing in what seemed like a forested area. They landed very slowly. Where they landed was hidden, almost as if it were underground. Then the scene panned out to look around the area.

There was a lady who came and sat down next to us who had a little boy. She was wondering when something was going to happen. I said that the screen we could see there was about an hour behind our real time. I said that once it was night on the screen, that is when it would happen. I said, look out this other part of the window and you can see it is night in real time but the screen had to catch up.

Then some time went on as the day turned to night, just past the sun going down on the screen. At that point, it was as though we were sitting on a wing / hanger and it lifted up and started spinning around the room very very fast like those training spinner things at NASA. I looked down and saw that though the room we were in was very dark, there were a lot of people that were sitting on the ground floor in what seemed like theater seats. As we passed over them, there was a light that lit them up but they darkened when we passed from them.

I then saw Gary Coleman singing, not sure what song. I said to Bradley that he had died. It was as though I was seeing him in heaven before we got there. He looked like he was in a park.

Then someone put a map of the world in front of me. They had these colored sticks that looked kind of like popcicle sticks. They placed it all over the map. They said (I couldn't see the person, I just heard their voice) that when the rapture happens on Ascension Day, then for the next 10 days up to Pentecost, things would be rockin.

They said that the colored sticks represented earthquakes that would go off. They said the different colors represented how big they are. The only one I remember was one I saw in California that was red but there were many in California as with the rest of the world.

They said the earthquakes were perfectly lined up for this time. They said the rapture would be on Ascension day (June 2nd/3rd this year) and that things would get really bad between that and Pentecost, when God would turn back to the Jews.

Then I woke up.

Again, I am not "predicting" anything... I am just sharing the dream I had this morning. If nothing else, let it encourage you on how close we are. =)



May 22, 2011 at 12:20 PM