Dru (18 June 2011)
"To "RJ" ..."

Dear RJ,
Yes, of course I will pray for you ...and I'm so sorry that you are dealing with this creep. Believe me, I have dealt with weirdo's myself, so I know how upsetting they can be. Yeah creepy men are everywhere, so women must be especially careful and wise; and always trust your instincts. Learning some basic self-defense is also important for women to know. And self-defense doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be able to beat up a guy, because most women aren't physically able to. Oftentimes it simply means that women need to know how outsmart their predators through tactical means. So along with praying for you, I wanted to suggest some practical things that you might consider doing to help assuage your fears and to show this guy that he doesn't want to mess with you! Over the years I have learned to look my fear squarely between the eyes and say "Boo!" back, so don't let this jerk scare you. Instead, take action for first confronting this creep!
First, talk to your gardener. TELL him that his helper creeps you out, and then HE will put creepy-man on notice by informing him that you don't like him. This will instantly discourage him from coming by your house any more now that his BOSS is aware of the problem. And if the gardener doesn't do something, then fire your current gardener and find someone else, someone that you trust. And for more peace of mind, then you may consider getting a dog from the animal shelter - and I don't mean adopting a soft cuddly poodle, but get a dog that will protect you from harm. But if you're allergic to dogs (like I am), then you can get a couple of large sized "BEWARE OF DOG" signs and nail them to your side gates - or perhaps even a "BEWARE OF DOG" lawn sign - and then buy a dog barking machine that goes off whenever creepy-man comes around, something that you can control manually. Also, buy some pepper spray or something along those lines.
Now this next suggestion is only designed to make you laugh - but then again, it actually might scare off creepy-man ...
You might consider renting a video on karate so that you can learn some basic karate chops, and then buy yourself some martial arts apparel and practice your moves out on the front lawn. Once he drives by and sees you working out, then you'll never see his ugly face again. Or you might think about buying an archery set and then practice your aim on your front lawn.
Hey, all kidding aside, I would FIRST talk to your gardener and tell him that his new helper creeps you out and that he keeps driving by your house and staring at you! Tell him! Really, as soon as your gardener hears this he might fire creepy-man, since perhaps he has received similar complaints from others. If not, then you'll be the first, and hopefully the last. Don't be afraid to speak up. Creepy men like him are COUNTING on your silence, but DON"T be silence. Tell your gardener, and also call the police and tell them, too. Tell your neighbors.
Hey I am praying for you, Sis!! Stay strong - confront evil - and be confident in the LORD!