Clay Cantrell (7 June 2011)
"Dream of the Military Cemetary, Reagan dies"

Readers  -

I'm reposting this from 2004.


I took a very short nap saturday afternoon, June 5, 2004 and had a very
concise dream of short length.

I dreamed I was walking through a military cemetery, and stopped at a
grave to my right. several people were gathered around it, kneeling
down and I saw that American flags were stuck in and around the
grass/headstone.  there was a low headstone and it had a television
screen in it about 8 inches by 5 ", which the people were watching. on
it was some kind of B&W news coverage. no one said anything. there was
no sound. The people were crying.

i woke up quickly and said to myself "someone has died", someone
important - an American.  i concluded that the person buried at the
grave was some American of importance, a military or governmental
person, and that the media would cover it. i felt for sure it was a man
when I woke up.

Ronald Wilson Reagan died at 4:09 ET, June 5th. The basic time of my dream.

It was President Reagan.