Christopher M (28 June 2011)
"Randy's Lady GaGa Article and Resulting Prayer Request"

this is my first time writing to Five Doves.  i enjoy the site so much.  i wanted to write and ask all the Doves to pray for a person whom i am sharing Jesus with thanks to Randy's Lady GaGa article.

i am so amazed at how the Lord Jesus works.  after reading Randy's article, i went to You Tube to look at the video he was talking about.  my wife and i know many people who follow this woman, but i  had never taken the time to see just what she is saying.  

while listening to the lyrics (i couldn't bring myself to watch the video, it was too disgusting) i started reading all the comments people were leaving on the video.  they were more vile than the video itself.

after i posted my own comments about the video and how sad Jesus must be about it, there was an avalanche of hateful mean comments about my post.  one person in particular kept commenting about what i said.

to make a long story short, this person is a young woman from Russia and in the middle of posting back and forth with her, i realized that she was desperately searching for God.

my wife and i started praying for her.  the young woman is now communicating with us in private emails and is asking how she can find Jesus and find the joy i have been talking with her about.

over the years, i have been so blessed by the articles on Five Doves.  you Doves never know how the Lord Jesus is going to use what you post.  because Randy shared his concerns about this video, a young woman in Russia is now able to communicate with my wife and i and getting answers to her questions.  please pray for her and for my wife and i that we will be moved by the Spirit in what we say to her as we share Jesus.

the Lord is coming soon.  this may be this Russian woman's last chance to reach out to Jesus.  i am so thankful for the ministry of Five Doves.  it is making such a difference!

Christopher M.
Welcome to the Doves, Christopher!