Charles (30 June 2011)
"Why Elenin"

In reply to why so much interest in Elenin. Elenin was announced on the world on December 10th, 2010. Yet I remember reading about its discovery in 1983. Bird and animal deaths got me watching and it's orbit coincides with every major quake.

Biblically Elenin matches the sixth seal and next few judgements perfectly. Men women and children are hiding or planning on hiding in caves over this.  Russia publically is building 5,000 bomb shelters in Moscow by September 1st this year and the Palistinians are going ahead with plans to be declared a state by the end of September!

The church is asleep as to watching or what time it is! The command to watch was for a reason Jesus said if the good man watches he will not come upon him like a thief and appoint his portion with the hypocrites. His house will not be broken up.  The meaning of ELenin in Hebrew or elanon is arrow of God. It's biblical message passing through the constellations is " The promised seed of the virgin, the Lord of the sabboth, the bright and morning star, the giver of light, the strong one who comes, the Lion of Judah, is holding fast his redeemed, who are united in Messiahs reign, He is a Shepard providing safety for his redeemed in the day Of wrath, in the coming judgement!

Elenin was foreshadowed in Deep Impact and visions of planets destroying are abounding in the movies and shows. The accompanying message in movies like Do not look up in skyline and cruise saying Jesus three times under his breath before the aliens appear and start zapping people to disappear is to fear the coming rapture to fight against the coming alien invasion! Battle LA Literally to not look up for Christ to give us the morning star but to fight against his coming and do not look up for Him.

Why Elenin because Elenin will cause up to three days of darkness it will cause pole shift because it will be us passing through it's tail and debris cast down to Earth. for those on the 29th looking up Virgo gives birth to Venus the bright and morning star while crowned with the sun, with the moon at her feet, and three comets painting a crown over her head. The feast of trumpets eleven blasts of nine for warning then one blast for judgement! ELE = eleven nin = nine!

Why Elenin because God said that there would be signs in the sun the moon and the stars and on Earth men staring with perplexity at the roaring of the seas and things coming on the Earth.

Why Elenin because we are all pretty sure we are in the timeline the blood red moons spell out and the Pali state this body that is proven to cause Earthquakes when it aligns that means Arrow of God is not just a comet it is the body that came around in the time the walls of Jericho fell and fire and brimstone rained upon the Amorites and the kings hid in caves 3500 years ago. In my other post in Hebrews God promises to shake not only the Heavens but the Earth once more. The arrow of God is coming with a message for His redeemed and judgement for the Earth. His church is asleep that call themselves by His name wake up look up for if you are watching and waiting then your redemption is drawing near! That's why Elenin!