Charles (17 June 2011)
"Reply to Rene"

Thank you so much for reading my letter. The answer was that I had watched Perry Stones wonderful video on the Feast of Trumpets being both the rapture and time of Jacobs trouble. In it he says they blow a series of three blasts of three types of shofar sounds for nine and they do this eleven times for 99 blasts then at the new moon the last trump. The following evening I was watching a video Elenin what is it? The poster kept saying Elenin ele eleven nin nine what could that mean. The holy spirit connected the two voices and I heard see! God commanded there be eleven blasts of nine for a warning and call to repentance then the last trump the rapture and judgement! I did not make the connection. So ele from eleven nin from nine God is giving us eleven blasts of nine as warning. Elenin came to be announced on a very pagan day December 21, 2010! Reverse 11/9 eleven blasts of nine you get nine eleven! There is an alignment of Elenin 9/11. Exactly ten years after the 9/11. Coincidence? There was another post that the Strong word for Elenin number 3939 sounds like Elenin! People on YouTube are forming survival groups and getting caves scoped out. Sound familiar? To the poster who said this is too small it's mass density is like 40 times heavier then the Earth! Remember Superman came from a heavier gravity world and in one movie flew around the Earth to reverse the rotation. Were they even subliminal about this then? The books found in a cave in Jordan show a ten planet solar system hanging from a fig tree. Daniels sealed books found? Lastly all the elevens we all have been seeing! It all keeps coming together in my mind. The world has no clue and does not want to hear. The woman's dream of her husband having thirty days warning I found out last night the object will wrestle polarity from the sun about 30 days from the end of September this could be when people take notice the thirty days. Like I said it all fits then there is the verse in Genesis chapter 11 with only nine vested right before Genesis chapter 12 dealing with Gods covenant with Israel. So the connections are there in many ways multiple witnesses.


Rene and doves hopefully in my post I explained the connection I was shown and how. My typing is not great on these little keypads so I struggle to get the thoughts out. I said Genesis 11 has nine verses before Genesis 12 obviously I was typing not reading there is a psalm dealing with 9/11 I meant to type that not genesis and genesis 12 after  11 deals with israels covenant. 11 is
imperfection one short of 12! I
wanted to mention on more striking
confirmation I have been shown.
Psalm 46 deals with God revealing this to His people it has 11verses psalm 47 the coronation psalm that Perry stone says will be read in Heaven at Jesus crowning has nine verses God gives multiple proofs to
His servants when he shows something all backed by scripture. The warning and instructions Psalm 46 before the coronation when the raptured saints are in heaven crowning Jesus before his return with us at Armageddon! The signs in the sun moon and stars the blood red moon June 15th a foreboding of war in the Mideast. The rare midnight solar eclipse in the southern horizon where Elenin is coming from foreboding for the nations. Behold the sun will go dark then the moon will be as blood before the great and terrible day of the Lord! That just happened! The signs are all converging and as we get closer more will be revealed.