Candice Ehmen (6 June 2011)
"John Paul Jackson"

If you dont know... John Paul Jackson .. You should!!!!
is an 11th hour prophet sent to warn people of the last days. 
His mom could not get PG and an angel visited her, healed her and said she
would get PG and to call him John Paul.  He said she would carry him for
11 months as a sign that he was a prophet in the 11th hour. 
John Paul was born on 11/11 after being carried in the womb for 11 months.
John and Paul in the bible... both went up in the Visions of Days Now!
I read when he was on Joni & Marcus Lamb show..  this is what he seen of the
California earthquake
Joni asked him of all the things he has seen for last day events,
 what was the most cataclysmic? 
John Paul said it was the greatearthquake where he saw skyscrapers fall. 
 "The buildings screamed right before they fell."
He said, that he saw everything flattened behind him as
he was driving away from LA, it was flattening even as he was driving. 
He also saw himself in a car in LA where a huge hole opened up and he
 jumped to a flatbed truck and escaped. 
He feels that since he was there....
it meant it would happen in his life time.

He is coming on breaking news each month...
and when needed if before, to reach the world and
 help us through these days..  His last show a must to listen to!! 
 Archives may and June a must!!
here is some notes from June 1st.
Isaiah 26:9
My Soul yearns for you in the night; in the morning my spirit longs for you.  When your Judgements come upon the earth, the people of the world learn righteousness.    This is Judgment time which we already know (not wrath yet!) ...the earth because of sin.. is being Judged.   
John Paul  sees....  California Coming Hurricane / Earthquake!!
1st Hurricane WEST COAST!!  He sd he doesnt know of a hurrican thats every hit the west coast yet.. but he was in it in a vision and went through it. 
2nd EarthQuakes (skyscrapers coming down) He sd he doesnt know if its will happen all at once it may?  but does know that Hurrican 1st then earthquake w/skyscrapers coming down!!
He sd God always ALWAYS give 3 to 2 WARNING first for his righteousness seeking people who know their God and he knows them.. forsure always 2 warnings.  John Paul sd know your God NOW before the crises... sooo whne the crises happens we  will know his voice and what to do at that time.   He sd God is calling some of us to move and some to stay right where you are now... people are gonna need answers and see the peace and our God inside us!! when it all takes place!!
It rains on the JUST and the UNJUST!!  I live close to Joplin where all took place with tornadoes... and this explain why this happened..  the sins of the earth is Judging now!!
everything has been on the outside and now its coming INLAND!! with ripple effects.
John Paul  sees....  New Madrid EARTHQUAKE!  Major Major!!
He believes this will happen... look for right in the middle of an Israel / US deviding land deal!!!!!  the US will literally SPLIT IN THIS DEAL!!!  wow :- Watch the News...
New Madrid Earthquake!!
a Friend of his john kelly that was in a vision of this earthquake a few years ago said... This earth quake the only words is MAJOR MAJOR and a pit in stomach from what was seen!!
John Paul said Read... the book of Zaceriah (THE ISSUE OF THE LAST DAYS)
Well doves :) I hope you find this info as good as I do?
God Bless and I pray for you all everyday! : ) we will all be togther not too long from now!!
Love in Christ
<><  Candice Ehmen