Barry Amundsen (20 June 2011)
"By permission from author to quote from book and (You guys were right! Crop circles are from fallen angels.)"

Hi John,
If you could please post this entire e mail I would appreciate it. It includes my e mail letter to the author of a great book and permission granted by him by return e mail to quote from it with answers to the crop circles question.
So very grateful!
Barry Amundsen

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Dear Barry,
Thank you for your letter and your kind remarks in regard to my book, Breaking the Antichrist Code: The Blueprint of Deception. I hereby give you permission to share excerpts from my book and thank you for sharing the link. I find that interest in crop circles is increasing and that people want to know the truth. Our God is good not to hold mankind in the dark on this very important subject. When you get into section of the book that deals with the meaning of the symbols in the crop circles, you may again be pleasantly surprised to see how cleverly these fallen angels have veiled their true intentions. They are not really interested in sharing technologies or giving mankind anything at all. Their agenda is to keep people preoccupied with the riddle they created, to keep the mind busy seeing what they place in front of it. Man's psyche is so laid open and so easy to read, it is not hard for fallen angels to use their crop circles to send a multitude of messages. Each message will resonate in hearts around the world. There is something for everyone. Crop circles are meant to keep mankind in a hypnotic state. But man is very close to learning his true identity.
Good luck in sharing.  May the God of peace give you the grace of His knowledge that your heart may find rest in Him.
In His Grace,
Apostle Eric vonAnderseck
Second 8th Week Ministries
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Subject: Request permission to quote you from your book and (You guys were right! Crop circles are from fallen angels.)

Dear Sir and author of Antichrist Code,


(Below is an example of a post I would like to send to a Christian site I regularly attend but only with your permission first.)


I am greatly enjoying reading your book so far (I'm up to chapter 7) and very much appreciate your depth of information. I have recently become involved with sharing my thoughts and questions about specifically crop circles with a site called Five Doves. Here are links to some of the posts by me and responses:


Someone else first brought up the subject of crop circles and I then found these videos claiming that some or all of these were from God. From these videos, I was ready to believe that at least some crop circles may be from God's good angels because that is what this person is claiming. I was understandably met with a rebuke from some at the Five Doves and I quickly set about to see if I could find a more complete source of good info and I found your book and site.


The following is a sort of example of what I would like to post on the Five Doves but require your permission for the use of your quotes. Otherwise I will give links (again) to your site and book but will not quote from it as per your copy-rite:


Dear Doves,

I beg your apologies for suggesting that good angels might be involved in these things and hope it was understood that I was still seeking more knowledge on the subject before drawing a conclusion. I think this e book is God's answer to me and would recommend it to any who are interested in this and the overall subject of how the Antichrist spirit has been operating in our world since Adam and Eve. I also hope that the author will give permission to share these select excerpts with you all as I recommend you then purchase a copy from him.


"So, why are fallen angels stamping their image in the fields? First, they are in competition with

other fallen angels and are staking out their territory of rulership with the Antichrist man when he

rules the world. Other crop circles are representative of an angel’s autographic signatures, and

these, too, are used to stake claim to territory. Second, their image is used as a calling card for

mankind, purposefully packaged as a mystery, begging to be solved.

Getting this “behind the scenes” information allows us to fit the pieces of the puzzle together,

and that means that we can remove that mystery, and Satan cannot use it to sow fear through

ignorance. Nor can he hide behind the mystery of angelic orbs to deceive.


Again, when we look at crop circles, are we simply looking at the circle the angel left in the field, or is

there more to the image? We used the examples of a child’s self-drawing and also military rank insignia to

help the reader understand that there is clearly more to the image. A detailed look at crop circles, with focus

on the powers God gave to angels, provides a more complete set of facts to enrich our understanding.


The concept of angels manifesting themselves as orbs, whether holy or unholy, may be new to

many people, and it was worth the time invested in this chapter to gain a greater understanding on

the subject. We talked about how the earth is like an orb; it is in the shape of a globe surrounded by

an ocean of air. Inside the ocean of air live millions of diverse creatures with diverse powers and


When children learn about planet Earth, they understand that the globe in their classroom is but

a small scale model of the earth. Just as the globe of the earth is a representation of the earth, crop

circles are a representation of angelic orbs. We talked about the teeming life that exists beneath the

surface of the seas and said that the same is true for angelic orbs; they are a world inside


This is why we read in Ezekiel 1:13, “Their appearance was like burning coals of fire, and like

the appearance of lamps: it went up and down among the living creatures; and the fire was bright,

and out of the fire went forth lightning.”

This is not literal fire and lightning, but the manifestation of the powers within this angel, which

they carry to the glory of God. Unholy angels, though, no longer carry their powers to the glory of

God; they are separated from the light of God and carry their powers for their own ends.

We hope that all these examples help to bring some realism concerning angels and their orbs and Satan

and his beauty, power, and rank before he fell. Before proceeding on with Satan’s psyche history and his fall

from God’s grace, we are going to use the next three chapters to explore more about how God has structured

the spiritual world and how we are inescapably tied to that structure.

From the functional spirits that oversee the function of our bodies, to the signature angel that

oversees the signature map of our souls, to the ministering spirits that carry the messages of God’s

grace, we are tied to God’s care through His holy angels. In addition, our study into the function and

role of holy angels will add much needed contrast to the powers of unholy angels.

We intend to also use the next three chapters to uncover more of the activities of the Antichrist

spirit who uses every opportunity to turn God’s spiritual laws into a witness for his own kingdom of

darkness. The inclusion of this background information should add to our comprehension of God’s

divine order and Satan’s intrusion into that order."