Anthea Barnardo (20 June 2011)
"Word 2011.06.11"

Word received in our fellowship last week is attached.
Love and blessings!

2011.06.11 – Interpretation of tongues

Most certainly, says the Lord, most certainly am I coming to you.  Most certainly am I coming to fetch you, because I’ve bought you, I’ve made you, I’ve chosen you, I’ve paid a great price for you.  You are precious to Me.  You are not forgotten in the least.  You are most certainly in the apple of My eye.  I see you every second and I know you through and through, and I know what plans I have for you.  And I can tell you, as My Spirit has been making clear to you for a long time, that My coming is most certainly at hand – not years from now, not months from now, but closer than that.  I’ve been preparing you, I’ve been grooming you, I’ve been testing you, even been sifting you.  I will keep on guarding you.  I will keep on caring for you.  I will keep on protecting you because you are Mine, and Satan shall not steal you away.  And I shall keep you until that day that I come to fetch you.  You are the ones who have stayed with Me.  You are the ones who really expect Me to come.  You are the ones who really long for My coming and therefore you shall be ready when I come.  So do not lose hope My children, and do not lose vision.  I am with you and I shall be with you.  Do not fear any attacks from Satan.  Do not fear the conditions you see around you developing, but look up and know that your redemption draws near.  See I have made these things clear unto you and I shall fulfill not only this word but every word I have spoken concerning you.  And My glory shall be above all the earth.  So keep hope and keep waiting and you shall be part of My great victory, says the Lord.