Ann (9 June 2011)
"Desert Storm and Sun rings"

Hi all,
I was traveling through the desert seeing family and friends and learned that the common talk in the towns were about the foreign troops going in and out of their towns purchasing items and heading back to their military posts.  These troops included Russian and other Euro troops.  I was told that there was a concern that one who served in our military questioned what they saw and is now out of the military.
I was on a bus heading from N. CA and traveling through Paso Robles 3 Wednesdays ago, I, too, saw a very large rust colored ring around the Sun, nothing like I had ever seen before.  I thought maybe it might have been a UFO at first.  It was strange.  I did see as well when passing through either a missile shot up straight into the sky or something else.  Lot'sa chemtrails as well or as a friend would say, contrails. Hmm.