Amy VanGerpen (29 June 2011)
"Israel trip comments"

"Thank you for those photos Amy... they sure brought back memories of our trip in 1980......It's an experience one never forgets."

You are welcome Jim.  You are absolutely correct about the experience.  I wish you all could go over there!

"I have never been to Israel and if I did, my family wouldn't want to be around me whilst
there. Haha. I think I'd be so overwhelmed that I'd cry a lot - in public."

Fay, you'd be in good company hon.  There was a lot of crying going on in our group!  To walk where Jesus walked......there are few words to describe....I'm choked up thinking about it all again.

"Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures I almost feel like I got to go myself.  Enjoyed the last link the most and the cute kitty shot."

Hi Diane, I couldn't believe how many stray cats I saw all over on our tour of Israel.  I felt kind of bad, because of lot of them were not much more than skin and bones.  There was one at Capernaum that was yowling so loud at us it was hard to hear the tour guide! 

Speaking of kitties.  We promised our kiddos when we got home that we would get them a pet.   I included a pic in the attachment.  If it doesn't show up, here is a link to see it.  Her name is Selah (like in the Psalms).