Amanda (25 June 2011)
"About something from the past regarding Ron Reese and Susan Waiga"

Hi all doves,

I was contemplating in my head (like I do too much about the rapture timing!) and I was just thinking way back to a post when the Lord told Susan regarding her son getting saved he had "until 7 months".   Then I was thinking of Ron Reese's watch stopping 7 minutes to 11.  Could it be that the "7" stands for the 7th month, July, and obviously the "11" for 2011.  It had me thinking maybe this July something's going to happen.  I know I have been wrestling with the Lord about either hearing from Him or the rapture timing.  He is just nudging me to be patient, that its coming...hold on.  It seems from reading here that the Lord is showing alot of people of just how close it can't be far off!  I believe from Him showing me "11's" and when I asked him would the rapture happen in 2010 or 2011 (March of 2010), He answered with "11", I think we will be raptured this year 2011!

Hope to see you all soon,