Fay (26 July 2020)
"A. Goodrick re Obedience"


Good Morning John and Doves,

Angela - Thank you for your lovely post last week, regarding obedience to God. If there was only one thing I have garnered from scripture (and there are a zillion things I have garnered *BIG SMILES*) it is that OBEDIENCE is key. And this is why it is crucial for believers to obey strict rules regarding Israel. And it is crucial for the Jewish people, who have chosen to remain under the everlasting covenant with Almighty God, to observe the Sabbath and keep it Holy.

Throughout the Bible we have seen that Almighty God forgives sins of the flesh. He understands that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. He has enormous compassion for our mortal state. BUT - He demands our obedience to specific rules laid out in scripture. Over and over and over again, He showed the Jewish people how vital it was to observe the Sabbath. Over and over and over again, He has informed Christians that Israel is our key point to watch. It's not hard to understand that Israel is NOT to be messed with. We are to treasure Israel. The Jewish people are God's chosen race. Warts and all. It is Almighty God's place to judge and discipline them. NOT ours.

The mixed multitude (Erev Rav) have been with us always. They are deceitful and manipulative. Playing on human weakness and susceptibility. People's openness to bizarre rumours and theories. Think Satan in the Garden of Eden!

If we armour ourselves with knowledge - as scripture urges us to do - we can stick to the narrow path. It really isn't difficult. It's not about being prim and proper. Pursed lipped and humourless. Dull and boring. Our LORD Jesus was accused of being a glutton and rather too fond of wine! Hey - I like food and am VERY fond of good wine. It is not about sins of the flesh. It is about obedience to some very simple rules.

Rules that are so very easy to follow if one has a deep spiritual connection to our precious, wonderful LORD. If one's heart has been filled by the Holy Spirit.

God's Blessings to you, Angela. And to all the Doves.