David Daughtrey (19 June 2020)
"New Rapture timing found in past vision ( over looked )"

  I did not realize that there was a another  vision that had the timing , that was so close I did not see in front
of  me . Our holy spirit woke me up this past week, I've reread those visions over and over maybe 50 or more
times each, here is how it happened and if your honest it has happen to you also,
  When I was saved , I craved God and his word , it took me a year to slowly read the Bible, Then I decided to
read it again, that's when I discovered I'd missed this or that. So I'm going to tell you how and what I missed
  In the beginning when I was saved , I had two questions every night along with others, and they were Lord
what did you really look like, because there are so many pictures?  And the other was Lord will I live to see
the Rapture?
 I for one no I'm not special, But I was blessed two years later. I shared the Rapture vision with my Christian
brother John Tng, His daughter also had a vision of the number 21, and there was another Christian lady
named Veronica that seen the 21 number. It has been a mystery the meaning, We are slowly uncovering the
meaning in the 1996 rapture vision, First I thought it stood for 21 years ( 2017 no good ) so now it only leaves
the year 2021 but still we are watching. But now comes the good part which brings us closer. But remember
the first thing that we must see is the metallic bronze colored sphere object in the sky, which was told in the
Rapture vision.
  This is the vision I failed to see the confirmation in like rereading the bible.
  I got home late, jumped into the shower, finished and started to get out, got one leg out and one still in, the
lights went out , black dark, so I told myself i'll wait a few minutes and they should come back on , lousy
electric company, so I waited and waited, seemed like ten minutes, was about to get angry, still one leg in
and one leg out, I started to see a circle ring of light ,dark in the center, the whole bath room still dark except
the ring of light, I told myself this is weird, kept watching the circle of light growing larger and larger, with the
center black circle shrinking, I was beginning to see something in the top part of the circle of light, it was the
ceiling of the room and the bottom was my feet and floor, the black center was shrinking fast, I started seeing
there was something in the bathroom with me, I froze scared, there was a Lion sitting on the floor staring at me ,
I mean huge , I could of reach out and touched him, but was too scared too . He looked alive but not dangerous
we stared at each other for at least one minute, then vanished, I can't tell you how much excited I was at what
just happened, I mean this blew my mine, I ran to my living room with just my towel  on grabbed  my bible and
opened it up first page LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDA , Now I had asked too see Jesus for years and got a Lion.
instead.  Now is where we missed the whole meaning of the vision and truthfully you did too. The holly spirit
woke me up last week to my feeble mind. The black enter circle was really like a solar eclipse, but in a solar
eclipse the black circle moves from left to right, But he wanted the Lion to appear in the center of my bathroom,
Now we all want to see Jesus at the Rapture, so at the end of the solar eclipse , JESUS will appear,  guess what
 Pentecost on Sunday May 23 2021 and on JUNE 10 2021 the first solar eclipse Dec. 4 2021 last solar
I no not all are excited as I am. Just to let you no how serious I am about our Rapture , I'm asking my brother
John Tng  after Jun 10 2021 if the Rapture does not happen please remove entirely the vision I sent him.
I pray That God Bless all of you.

If there is any questions i'll try to answer my E-mail

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