Clay Cantrell (26 July 2020)
"The Daniel Ezra Mystery"

Interested readers - 

I have found a mystery that I do not understand so I put it to you to ponder. 

I stumbled on this:
A vast majority of the verses of Daniel chapter 7 are made up of words found ONLY in the book of Daniel and the book of Ezra. 

For instance, try this famous verse and see for yourself. Daniel 7:09 is about the Ancient of Days:

Just tap on the magnifying glass next to the Strongís number to see what verses use that word. 

Other verses located in other parts of Daniel are also made up of words that are found ONLY in the books of Daniel and Ezra. 

The only variants to this is that a very few words (Iíve only found three so far) also show up in a single specific verse -Jeremiah 10:11; no other verses in Jeremiah. 

Now ... why would this be?

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