Clay Cantrell (26 July 2020)
"First Part Fulfilled, Colorado Nuclear Dream"

Readers - 

During the morning of March 10, 2014, I had a remarkable and unnerving prophetic dream of a nuclear attack on Colorado. Iím sure it was Denver, but I didnít actually hear the city name in the dream. Still, as with other dreams, I usually know where I am.

You can read it here to jog your memory:

The account of the dream shows it to have three parts with each part being in a different location.  

What I did not share in that account was that there were actually four parts to the dream. There was a first part of the dream at a fourth different location. Due to its personal nature, I kept quiet about it, but not anymore. 

I cannot disclose the details for reasons private, but Iíve waited over six years now and that part of the dream was finally fulfilled on:

July 18, 2020

God did an amazing work to get it fulfilled, I might add. 

Still, that means unfortunately, weíre moving forward to the other parts. See my next article about it. 

Jesus is Lord