Clay Cantrell (26 July 2020)
"3rd Part Being Fulfilled, Colorado Nuclear Dream"

Readers -

I think we are currently in the fulfillment of the third part of the Colorado nuclear attack dream.

That prophetic dream account can be found here:

Please read my other separate and short article about the first part of the dream having been fulfilled just recently. 

For your benefit, this is some of the third part/section in which I found myself at a cinema:

“Immediately, in the dream, we were at a local cinema, and I asked the man who worked at the ticket window about a certain film that was being shown there. He told me that it was not being shown due to the power outage, though strangely, lights were on in his ticket window and in the cinema lobby. He also said that the film was due to be shipped back to the distributor the next day, and I would not be able to see it. I asked if he was sure and he called the distributor to verify and handed me the cell phone to speak with him directly. He said the distributor was in Colorado.”

I have long puzzled over this as I never go to movies. Since this is the case, I theorize that the symbol cinema that was “in the dark” (remember, only the lights in the ticket booth and some in the front lobby were on) symbolically indicated that the theatre chains (francises) were failing. The power that was not on was primarily economic power, but it could also be electrical power. 

Cinemas are some of the collateral damage of the virus outbreak. Here is an article about one major cinema chain and it’s struggles; it is not alone; I have read other articles from different sources:

This leads me to believe we are further along in the dream than I previously thought ... which is a sorrowful thing. It will change the USA and it will change the world. 

Prayerfully consider these matters. 

Jesus is Lord.