Chondra M (26 July 2020)

Watch these vids in order:
A DOCTOR saying they've been banned threatened when talking about the dangers vaccines for years, she's specifically talking about the Covid vax here, it changes the RNA/DNA

This vid confirms the above. He runs thru all the mandates and the "covid passport" (Gates ID2020) Can't do anything w/o being vaccinated.

Reminder Gates patent on ID2020 (look it up) is 2020060606 (666)
Our congress passed a bill for (covid) contact tracing which is numbered HB6666
God can't scream louder this is the mark of the beast; DNA changer means unredeemable, we're no longer made in the image of God, but the image of man/beast/fallen angel, what ever the mad scientist have placed in this crap.

I realize we've been "taught" we're raptured out before the mark or revealing of anti-Christ, not to focus on this stuff...we won't be here, but we ARE.

Still a pretrib person, but we may go thru some serious crap before the rapture too. Scripture says we'd go thru trials and tribulation(S).

Notice the entire western cultures have the very same themes as America since 2016 hitting them: BLM, AntiFa, white man bad, white supremacist, censorship of conserves/Christians, demonetizing, banning, beating, burning churches.
Gotta wipe out those dang Christians and law abiding truthers!

Riots are ok but protesting gov lockdowns is spreading covid?

Keep in mind, the entire New Testament is to CHRISTIANS, not Jews. 

All the warnings, signs are for the *Christian nations* in the last days. Warning us of the signs Jesus told us to watch for before He returned. 

Looking forward to meeting you all, hopefully soon!