Chance (26 July 2020)
"Africa Testing Ground For COVID-19 Vaccine, Tracking, and Cashless Payments"


Hello John and Doves,
To further their global agenda:
"A biometric digital identity platform that "evolves just as you evolve" is set to be introduced in "low income, remote communities" in West Africa thanks to a public-private partnership between the Bill Gates-backed GAVI, vaccine alliance, Mastercard and the AI-powered "identity authentication" company, Trust Stamp.
The program, which was first launched in late 2018, will see Trust Stamp's digital identity platform integrated into the GAVI-Mastercard "Wellness Pass",. a digital vaccination record and identity system that is also linked to Mastercard's click-to-pay system that is powered by its AI and machine learning technology called NuDate.  Mastercard, in addition to professing its commitment  to promoting "centralized record keeping of childhood immunization" also describes itself as a leader toward a "World Beyond Cash", and its partnership with GAVI marks a novel approach towards linking a biometric digital identity system, vaccination records, and a payment system into a single cohesive platform. 
In early June, GAVI reported that Mastercard's Wellness Pass program would be adapted in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  Around a month later, Mastercard announced that Trust STamp's biometric identity platform would be integrated into Wellness Pass as Trust Stamp's system is capable of providing biometric identify in areas of the world lacking internet access or cellular connectivity and also does not require knowledge of an individual's legal name or identity to funciton.  The Wellness Program involving GAVI, Mastercard, and Trust Stamp will soon be launched in West Africa and will be coupled with a Covid-19 vaccination program once a vaccine become available.
Trust Stamp's biometric identity system, largely funded by Mastercard's massive investment in the company in February, utilizes a technology it calls Evergreen Hash that creates an AI-generated "3D mask" based on a single photo a a person's face, palm or fingerprint.  Once this "mask" is created, much of the original data is discards and encryption keys are created in place of a person's name or other more traditional identifiers...."What you have is something safer for storing because it can't be used to directly identify you"...the an "irreversible non-personally identifiable information" system that "protects privacy, reduces potential for misuse and allows effective inclusion when there is no other form of legal record."
So what are each of these systems/processes?
GAVI - Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations; links together its biometric digital ID system, with vaccination records and a payment system. It is an international organisation - a global Vaccine Alliance - providing equal access to new and underused vaccines for children living in the world's poorest countries. GAVI provides incentives to vaccine manufacturers to produce sufficient quantities of the upcoming COVID-19 vaccines - and to make sure these vaccines get to developing countries.  Their goal is to raise $2B to help ensure everyone has access to COVID-19 vaccines.
Gavi launches innovative financing mechanism for access to COVID-19 vaccines | Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance
Trust Stamp - an identity authentication company - using AI for a biometric identity platform - has a digital identity system; True Stamp is a global identity verification industry.  The most comprehensive AI-powered facial biometric identity authentication solution.
Trust Stamp
NuData - a Mastercard company - using AI and machine learning technology.  Validates users with passive biometrics that look at their unique behavior. "Behavioral and passive biometrics tools enhance the collection of data for every event assessment and build a holistic view to discern if it is made by a human or bot without blocking legitimate customers.  These technologies help financial institutions mitigate sophisticated threats targeting their environments, including credential stuffing, account takeover, and money-transfer fraud."
How to stop sophisticated attacks during COVID with behavioral technologies
Wellness Pass - Mastercard's biometric identity system coupled with a digital vaccination record system that can be used in areas with no internet or cellular access.
Evergreen Hash - a technology of Trust Stamp that will make the 3D mask.  Trust Stamp is trying to get this technology in prison systems and law enforcement for surveillance and "predictive policing".
World Beyond Cash - Mastercard's effort to reduce the use of physical cash.
GAVI + Mastercard + Trust Stamp with public and private funding from Bill and Melinda Gates and Rockefeller Foundations will be introduced in West Africa.
Africa to Become Testing Ground for “Trust Stamp” Vaccine Record and Biometric Digital Payment System - Global ResearchGlobal Research - Centre for Research on Globalization
So we can see how THEY are moving right along with getting everyone tracked, with a biometric ID, vaccinated for COVID-19, and moved right along into a cashless world for their global agenda.  It's amazing how much state of the art/latest technology they are putting into this agenda!
So various countries in Africa will become the testing grounds for "Trust Stamp" vaccine record and biometric digital payment system.  COVID-19 vaccinations and cashless payments will be part of the new biometric identity platform brought about by Gates, Mastercard, and GAVI. 
An interesting youtube video "Agenda 21 in Less Than 5 Minutes" by Andy Browne, July 16, 2020
At about 1:34 Bill Gates (TED TV, 2010) is talking to an audience about how to decrease the world's CO2 level to zero.  He presents an equation that has 'four factors' where CO2 = P (people) x S (services each person uses on average) x E (energy on average per service) x C (CO2 being put out per unit of energy).   He says they need to look at each one of these to see how we can get the CO2 to zero - "so probably one of these numbers is going to have to get pretty near to zero" - the audience is laughing because the P is highlighted.   "If we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, and reproductive health services (think abortions) we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 per cent" stated Gates.
So...doing a 'really good job' on vaccines could help decrease the population - not save lives and doing a 'really good job' means creating vaccines that kill/injure.
The video follows this with implementing policies meant to incentivize a reduced population - presenting Agenda 21 as the answer/solution.  Agenda 21 is all about population control.  .
(131) Agenda 21 in Less Than 5 Minutes - YouTube
And who is behind funding of many of these COVID-19 vaccines?  Who is behind global IDs and tracking?  Who is behind cashless payments?  Who is behind depopulation using vaccines?  Bill Gates!!  And the audience watching his presentation on decreasing the CO2 level by decreasing the population!  And corporations involved in Agenda 21. And governments involved in Agenda 21!
"Agenda 21:  The socialist plan to use coronavirus pandemic for global control.  They have been planning this for decades (Plandemic!)  Agenda 21 later became Agenda 30. "....And now we have the coronavirus outbreak reaching every corner of the world.  It's becoming clearer every day that socialists are going to use this pandemic to achieve their ultimate goal:  global control.
AGENDA 21: The socialist plan to use coronavirus pandemic for GLOBAL CONTROL - TheBlaze
I doubt we'll be privy to the results of this testing in West Africa and other African countries before it becomes 'our' turn for the COVID-19 vaccine.  
"If you aren't aware of the key players in the vaccine mayhem being driven into African countries, they are:  The World Health Organization, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, PATH (Program for Appropriate Technology in Health, funded by the Gate's Foundation, and GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations, also funded by the Gates' Foundation."
Bill Gates Faces Trial in India for Illegally Testing Tribal Children with Vaccines - Global ResearchGlobal Research - Centre for Research on Globalization
IF the Rapture takes place before this vaccine is available globally, then the Antichrist shows up - the 'mark' (possibly the Bill Gates/MIT tattoo ID) could be added to this global vaccine program with all of it's fancy technology - for all who chose to worship the beast and willing take it.  Being marked on the forehead or hand.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!