Chance (26 July 2020)
"The First Fruits of New Wine, First Fruits of New Oil  (Hemi)"


Hello John and Doves,
Hemi wrote a letter to Doves on 5 July 2020 - about my quandary on 'the oil and the wine' mentioned in The Revelation.
Chance (14 June 2020) "The Dead Sea Scrolls,,,, Do not damage the Oil and the Wine."
What Hemi wrote got me to thinking more about these two special festivals:  The First Fruits of New Wine and the First Fruits of New Oil.
For the wine/grape harvest:
The wine represents the Gentiles.
Reminded me of Micah 7, which I have written about to Doves before.
"For I am like one gathering summer fruit at the gleaning of the vineyard; there is no cluster to eat..."
Then he goes on, "The godly man has perished ("vanished") from the earth."  Micah 7:1,2
Micah is comparing the grapes of the vineyard that have been harvested to the godly man who has vanished (snatched away/raptured) from the earth.  The grapes have been harvested for the new wine and the godly man has been harvested for his new life in Heaven with the Lord.  The 'godly' man is the Christian who's day of his watchman has arrived!  Leaving the Jews to face the evil of the world without these godly Christian people.
For the oil/olive harvest for the oil:
The oil represents the Jewish people.
The oil is olive oil.  
The emblem of the State of Israel is the olive leaves around the Menorah.  Olive oil symbolizes light - as the olive oil was the fuel to light the Menorah in the Temple.

Olive oil was used for anointing the priests of the Temple and kings - it was used as the holy oil in the Bible.  It was also used for cooking and lighting lamps and was seen as a symbol of 'health, joy, and richness'.
So there is one special day for the New Wine (Gentiles) and one special day for the New Oil (Jews).  A 'first fruits' day of "harvest".  Hemi wrote about two raptures:  one for the Gentiles and one for the repentant Jews in the Tribulation perhaps?"   This could be, indeed.
I was listening to this video by Dr. Barry Awe, Jul 25, 2020 "Happy Pentecost!!  This is the Feast of New Wine!! part 2"  Parts of his video adds to the above info.  He talks about the new wine harvest (wine represents the Christians) and the oil harvest (oil represents the Jews) and the corn harvest or grain harvest which is barley/wheat (grain represents Jesus).  Jesus already fulfilled the barley - corn/grain harvest.  So there are these three major harvests in the Bible)


The most common kinds of 'corn' crop in the Bible are barley and wheat and spelt.
Corn Definition and Meaning - Bible Dictionary
He wonders how we could live here another year as bad as things are, but if we are here another year, he is convinced the Rapture will be on First fruits of New Wine. - in the 5th month. 
IF our time here is 80 years tops as per the Psalms then 1948 plus 80 years is 2028.  Next year, 2021 plus 7 year Tribulation = 2028.  IF all of this is correct...2021 would be the last year possible for the Tribulation to have 80 years past Israel being 'reborn' in 1948. 
The Essenes celebrated the Festival of the First Fruits of New Oil on 22 Elul every year. This year, on the chabad calendar, 22 Elul is on 9/11.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!