Bob Ware (26 July 2020)
"7.8 Alaska earthquake links: Jesus Christ, 107 rapture number and 18 September 2020 (Rosh Hashanah)"

A 7.8 earthquake hit off the coast of Alaska on 22 July 2020 at 06:12:44 UTC time near the town of Perryville. Look at these numbers linked to Perryville and 7.8:


Perryville is a census-designated place in Lake and Peninsula Borough, Alaska, United States. The population was 113 at the 2010 census, up from 107 in 2000.

  • Population: 113 (2010)
  • Area: 9.30 sq miles
  • State: Alaska


7.8 without the decimal point is ‘78’. 78 equals: 22 + 56. The first 22 prime numbers in the range of 1 to 78 total 713 which is the prime number gematria of 'JESUS CHRIST'. The first 56 composite numbers in that same range of 1 to 78 total 364 which is the composite number gematria of 'JESUS CHRIST'. Enoch’s year had 364 days.


113 is the first point of my 'Prime Cross'. 113 x Pi yields the closest result to a whole number (355). 355 is the maximum number of days in a normal 12-month Jewish year. 113 is the 31st prime number and the 31st triangle number is the third perfect number (496).


2010 is the range of the 'Prime List' and the sum of the four points around the 'Prime Cube' surrounding the 'Prime Cross'.


107 is the rapture number. The sum of the ASCII codes for 'Perryville' equals: 1070 (10 x 107). The start of Rosh Hashanah at sunset on 18 September 2020 is the 1070th day from the start of the circumference of my 'Circle of Jesus Christ' with a circumference of 2368.


English gematria is where you assign the Hebrew/Greek gematria values to the English alphabet. The English gematria for 'ALASKA' is 153. Alaska is the 49th state: 7 x 7.


More earthquake details:



Mw 7.8



Date time

2020-07-22 06:12:44.9 UTC


55.14 N ; 158.56 W


30 km


2481 km NW of Vancouver, Canada / pop: 1,838,000 / local time: 23:12:44.9 2020-07-21
480 km SW of Kodiak, United States / pop: 6,200 / local time: 22:12:44.9 2020-07-21
434 km S of Dillingham, United States / pop: 2,400 / local time: 22:12:44.9 2020-07-21


Based upon local time when the earthquake hit in Alaska there were only 47 minutes left in that day. Again, the first 22 prime numbers in the range of 1 to 78 total 713 which is the prime number gematria of 'JESUS CHRIST'. 713 minus the prime number 47 equals: 666. It will be 47 days from 2 August 2020 to 18 September 2020 (Rosh Hashanah).


According to the world population reached 7.8 billion on the same day as the 7.8 earthquake. Jesus is coming soon to take us home.


PS: The Holy Spirit brought Clay and I together many years ago. We have been building upon each other’s revelations ever since. After I sent him a copy of this letter about the 7.8 earthquake in ‘Perryville’ Alaska he shared his family connection to the terrible Civil War battle in ‘Perryville’ Kentucky on 8 October 1862. Go here for the details of that battle: