A Goodrick (26 July 2020)
"Mandating the Ultimate Depopulation Injection"

John and Doves,
Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, and even D J T are enthusiastically pushing for an injection by Moderna Corporation to innoculate 7 billion people with an r n a injection, passing as a "vaccine".
This injection of r n a will
"fight an artificially manufactured virus".

[editor: will the "manufactured virus" be a new name for 'zygote' ?]

It will be transgenerational.

[editor: Will this end an entire bloodline of heritage ?]

Many Scientists have made a Geneva Statement rejecting this entirely.


The licence for this 
abomination was obtained months ago.

Gates of course believes in depopulation, and his own father helped to birth Planned Parenthood.

Fauci has affiliated himself with Mr. Gates in this endeavor.

D J T wants this eureka-goldmine to boost the stock market, and it may be a conflict- of- interest issue here.

Why is this mandatory? 
In order to cause false guilt in all of us if we do not march in lock step.... 
also, to feel intimidated by social pressure, with the propaganda about this injection being for a  greater good...
you know the rationale....
"the benefits outweigh the side effects"
outweigh genocide? ].

Let us pray that this abomination does not come to market;

That people will not be socially bullied into taking it;

That people will have the moral courage to resist this;

For all people to wake up everywhere.

How do we know from the Bible that this will reach the masses?
Isaiah 56: 4
says that in the Lord's Millenium there will be eunuchs.

May the Lord bring to nought the things [devises] that are.
1 Corinthians 1:28.

In Jesus name. Amen.