James Brownlow (22 July 2018)
"Obama's Birthdate and "1961""


John and Doves:

You noted back in 2008 that Obama's birthdate of August 4, 1961 was  on day 216 (6x6x6) of the Gregorian calendar. Also , the curious nature of the year "1961" as it can be flipped upside down , inverted , and it is still the same year.

There is another aspect of 1961 coming this August 4th. It marks exactly "1961" days from the date of March 22, 2013 when Obama "stood" in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, a Holy Place. Perhaps someone will connect this to something....

August 4th is 42 weeks (plus 21) days from the "Great Sign" , a sign of a coming birth,  found in Revelation 12. This is the only sign called "Great" in scripture. Only 4-5% of infants are born at exactly 40 weeks.  A pregnancy must exceed 42 weeks before it is considered overdue.  The longest pregnancy is recorded at 375 days , over a year !

September 23, 2017 (The Great Birth Sign of Revelation 12) plus 42 weeks plus 21 days = August 4 , 2018.  Daniel 10:13-14 states that "in the latter days" there will be a 21 day delay connected to some event....This date , August 4th, is "preceded " by the second blood red moon of 2018 , the longest  blood moon of this century , directly over Jerusalem on July 27th, Tu B Av. ... The Jewish wedding day.... So Tu B Av, July 27th,  is 7 days before Aug 4th 2018 and exactly 307 days after the Rev 12 sign. Strongs word  G307 is" to draw up".  Noah had a 7 day warning.  "And the moon shall be turned to blood before the great and notable day of the LORD"... Acts 2:20.  ..........