Humbly Irrelevant (29 July 2018)
"A VULNERABLE MOMENT by Humbly Irrelevant"


Like a fortress unprotected,

Like a knight without a shield,

Iím a man with raging ardor,

That burns to be revealed.

As vulnerable as the foliage,

In the autumn awaiting death,

Like a perforated rose,

I grasp longingly for my breath.

Standing fully-clothed, but naked,

A solemn castle without a moat,

Like the leaves against the elements,

I feel the daggers at my throat.

The words are in my mouth,

Bravely struggling for their deliverance,

But apprehensiveness blocks their tide,

While mental balance nears a severance.

I now risk all I own,

To expose my thoughts from Above,

Do I have to let down my defenses,

To express that itís Jesus that I love?

Can it be worth the anticipated pain?

Can I overcome this loss of pride?

When I venture deep within,

I know Iíll be JUSTIFIED!!