Humbly Irrelevant (29 July 2018)
"A LETTER FROM THE ENEMY by Humbly Irrelevant"


Brethren: I just came across this encrypted message from the Infernal Enemy that was surreptitiously laying on the battlefield (and luckily I had a current Enigma Machine to decrypt it):

A Letter to my Blind and Wicked Followers:

I, despite my arrogant pride, want to take a moment here in this epic battle to gain the Title Deed to Earth to thank my iniquitous followers. These words come from the abysmal depths of my nefarious essence, and I willingly ingratiate myself to the multitude of your trespasses, transgressions, treachery, wretchedness, and sin.

First and foremost, I would like to thank each prophet of god (heretofore referred to as wolf-in-sheep’s clothing) for being my ambassador of ill-will amongst the apathetic Earthlings. You have lied to, stolen and plagiarized from, debated with, deceived, and created anguish amidst the Christian Brethren in these last desperate and critical hours just before Jesus comes again. Your self-aggrandizement and pride is more than I could have ever hoped for.

I, along with my depraved minions, have exhausted every possible avenue of disorder to obfuscate the TRUTH of Jesus Christ before another soul can be saved to the other side. Dearly-beloved wolf-in-sheep’s clothing, you have no idea what a tremendous help you have been to our cause. You have led so many astray and have never truthfully apologized to anyone. You have stood your wretched ground and have recruited other deceived souls to ply your wares among the misinformed masses. I am almost jealous of the way you have exalted yourself above The Creator of the Universe -- but let's not get carried away here. I said "almost". Wherein I alone, by myself, exalted myself above God (as so eloquently stated in Isaiah), you have required my help to achieve both your ends and my ends. You are just an ignorant mortal after all. You would not have been able to accomplish anything alone like I did; but I give you credit: you cunningly and fraudulently conscripted many ignorant followers to join our ranks over on this Dark Side. Thank you wolf-in-sheep’s clothing from the bottom of my egregious, cursed, and blackened soul for doing your best to prevent even one more naive soul from entering through the Narrow Gate. The broad path on the highway to hell is so much more fun with the multitudes that willingly party alongside us.

And to all those who have supported and encouraged you wolf-in-sheep’s clothing in our sacrilegious quest to steal the souls and happiness of others, I applaud you. You all will have a special place in the infernal fires of our eternal doom. I can't wait to see you -- I REALLY can't. Whatever you do, don't be deterred by the TRUTH, for you will only reap an Eternity in Paradise if you choose to go that route. Stick with the easy gospel that tickles your ears and preys upon your hedonistic instincts. It's too late in the game now to give in to the temptation to go over to the so-called "Good Side". Hades forbid!!

Please continue to attain from the blind sheeple their unending devotion to you for "lifting their spirits" with lies; their admiration in applauding you for your fabrications; their blessed accolades for your subterfuge; and most of all, their undying faith in you that you are some kind of special prophet of God. Nicely done!! Thank you again for leading so many astray! Each of you are amazing, and all of your followers will soon reap with you what you have sown!! You have your reward on earth now, so go ahead and revel in it, enjoy it, and rely upon it as your comfort in this life!! Nothing lasts forever -- except our eternal destinies. But don't worry about that now. You need to just focus on the here-and-now. You're a big shot, a legend in your own mind; thus, let no truth or wisdom deter you from your infernal rewards!

Deceitfully yours,

The Supreme Ruler of the Darkness