Humbly Irrelevant (29 July 2018)
"A FEW ICICLES ON THE GLACIER by Humbly Irrelevant"


We live in castigation,

For not remaining in the cold,

The mountain feels we should be banished,

For the doctrine we uphold.

Our principles are so very different,

From what theirs tend to be,

The other icicles just never quite grasp,

The Miracle at Calvary.

They mock our disciplined efforts,

Of floating against the tide,

And our steadfast preparations,

To be Raptured as the Bride.

But now the attacks come from within,

In an effort to dampen our Blessed Hope,

Believers amongst us seek to diminish,

A Truth far beyond their scope!

Oh, why does the wind persist,

In raging against Godís prophecy,

Doesnít the tempest seem to realize,

That the Truth can set the captives free?

So from the glacier we push adrift,

With peace and tranquility in our heart,

While we see the clouds approach the mountain,

Signaling that the tribulation is about to start.

But steadfast is our Faith,

Which sustains our iceberg through each day,

Jesus promised to be our Shepherd,

Never to lead any of His sheep astray.