Humbly Irrelevant (29 July 2018)
"A DECISIVE JOURNEY by Humbly Irrelevant"


Swirling high above the trees,

And sailing aimlessly upon the seas,

Helplessly lost and lacking projection,

A creature of nature had lost all direction.

While the others flew south, he strayed from the flock,

Compelled by yearnings to emulate a hawk,

But soon he regretted the choices he made,

And searched for a spot to rest in the shade.

With wings fatigued and feathers on edge,

His lone desire was to light on a ledge,

He scanned the shores to illuminate a way,

To find safe harbor without further delay.

When suddenly on the horizon appeared a mountain so calm,

An aggregate of rocks adorned with trees of palm,

This paradise staircased skies so blue,

So with increased speed toward this refuge he flew.

Though night descended and the wind became stiff,

Shelter was secured -- he was nestled safely on the cliff;

It is easy to perceive that this bird is me,

And the Gibraltar is JESUS who finally set me free!