F.M. Riley (29 July 2018)
"A Response and an Admonition"

A Response and an
                                                                                    By Pastor F. M. Riley
                                                                                    July 27, 2018
     "I will delight myself in Thy statues: I will not forget Thy Word."
                                                                                      Psalm 119:16

Dear Brother __________,
Response From a Reader
     Thank you for replying to my Bible Study, and for your questions, although it appears that you have some doubts.   I will  attempt to answer your questions, and hopefully to reconcile your doubts with the truths of God's Word.
    Dear brother, you asked what edition I am using?  
My Answer
In my studies and in my preaching and teaching, I have used only the King James Bible throughout my 64 years in the Lord's ministry.  In the rare instances when I refer to another version, it is only as a confirmation.  
       You have adamantly stated that Strong's Concordance never defines the words "head" and "corner" as "the top, capstone; higher stone; or stone in the topmost or elevated position."   Dear brother, you couldn't be more wrong in your statement.
     New Testament.......
     Matthew 21:42, Mark 12:10, Luke 20:17, Acts 4:11,  and  1 Peter 2:6-7, are all translated from the Greek word, kephale, Strong's No. 2776.  Here is an exact quotation from Strong's Exhaustive Concordance, 21st Century Edition, and I quote.....
     2776.....head (of a body) top (stone in a building), by extension: someone or something in the primary place, the point of origin: head (57), heads (19)
     This definition in Strong's explicitly states that the word means, "top (stone in a building).  Since this is a direct quotation from Strong's definition, then it is obviously what he meant in preparing his Concordance.  
     The numbers in parenthesis are the number of times the words are translated as such in the Bible.  In this case, this Greek word is translated as head or heads 76 times in the KJV Bible.   
     204.....Then there is the passage in Ephesians 2:20, Strong's No. 204.  The Greek word here is akrogoniaios.  Strongs defines this word as meaning.....
"cornerstone, an essential stone in the construction of a building,-chief corner stone [2]  
     Old Testament.......
    6434 - 6438.......In Isaiah 28:16 the Hebrew words, both pen and pinna are used, Strong's No's 6434 and 6438.  Strong's defines the Hebrew word, pen," No. 6434, as meaning.....
      "corner (of a structure), cornerstone (as a crucial element); stronghold; by extension: leader:-(2)
     Then the word, pinna, No. 6438 in Strong's is defined as.....
     "same as 6434; corner (of a structure) cornerstone (as a crucial element); stronghold; by extension: leader:-corner [16], corners [6], chief [2], towers [2], bulwarks [1], stay [1].
     7222.......In Zechariah 4:7 the Hebrew word ro'sa,  Strong's No. 7222, is defined as meaning,
    "uppermost, (capstone);-headstone (68).  
     In this passage in Zechariah is the one place in the Bible where Strong's defines the Hebrew word used as a "capstone."  But right here it is in Strong's Exhaustive Concordance, 21st Century Edition.
 More Response From the Reader
     You said that everything you find about cornerstones is that they are the first stone laid, and all other stones must line up with them for the soundness of the building.  
My Response
     Dear brother, while pastoring small churches throughout most of my years in the Lord's ministry, I had to work at secular jobs in order to provide sufficient support my family.  Due to this situation, I worked in construction and carpentry for some forty years.  
      So I am well acquainted with the construction of buildings, both of wood and of stone.  I have never known of a brick, block,  or stone building, where the cornerstone was set first, and all the rest of the building set in line with the cornerstone.  But I have seen many brick, block, or stone buildings where the contractor erecting the building left room for a cornerstone to be set in one corner of the building.  It was usually the last stone set in the building.  If it was an important building, the people usually had a ceremony of some kind and set an engraved cornerstone down close to the foundation where people could read it.  Check this out for yourself.  
 Still More Response From the Reader
     You stated that Weekly World News is hardly a good source, and that their online photo appeared to you to be "hoaky."
My Response
     I am well aware that Weekly World News is generally regarded as a "tabloid" which one can pick up at the grocery store each week.  There are many such "tabloids," and most of them do not have a good reputation for publishing truth.  Many "tabloids" engage in "hear say"  and gossip about celebrities, even if they have to make up or embellish some of their stories.  So I anticipated some rejection, based on the report first published in Weekly World News.  
     However, the account of the Hubble discovery and photos was not made up.  And according to information I received, the smuggled NASA photo and discovery was first offered to several major national and international newspapers, but they all refused to publish the story and photo, for fear of  trouble with NASA, and possible lawsuits over it's publication. Finally, the discovery and photo made by Hubble was offered to Weekly World News. When Weekly World News was approached with the discovery and photo, they jumped at the opportunity to publish such a sensational story,  that the large national and international papers wouldn't touch.   This speaks for itself!  
     As to the online photo being "hoaky."  Did you really expect to see a very clear detailed photo, when Hubble was taking the photos from a distance of a hundred thousand miles or more away?  I can say that the photo as originally published by Weekly World News is much clearer than the copies which have been made from it.  Dear brother, your "hoaky" response to my Bible Study on this subject is hardly what I expected from you.
And Still More.......
     Here I decided to directly quote your objection to my study.......
     "Most people would be measuring in todays miles to get a understanding of size.  Online conversion website places 12,000 stadia at 1379.44+ miles placing 1 stadia at 606.95+ feet and a greek mile or 8 stadia at 4855.643+ making 12,000 stadia exactly 1500 Greek miles.  BUT since that would not mean anything to people today it is best to measure it in todays miles that people would understand."
My Answer
     In my study I thought I stated very clearly to my readers that the Greek word used in Revelation 21:16, translated as "furlong," is the word, "stadia."  Then I gave the length of a staida in feet, so that my readers could understand; 606 feet.  Multiplied out, and then changed into miles, the final figure is 1500 miles.  
     You reached the same conclusion in your calculations, except you said 1500 Greek miles.  Either way, whether in today's miles or Greek miles, New Jerusalem is 1,500 miles to each side, and in height.  So we both basically reached the same conclusion.  So what is the problem?  Are you just looking for something to "nit pick" about?  
     I am not a "beginner."  I fully understand that the Hebrew and Greek words are important.  That is exactly why I often refer to them and their meanings in my Bible Studies.  
     But when you say that New Jerusalem should be measured in todays miles in order to get an understanding of it's size, are you saying that serious Bible students should just ignore the Hebrew and Greek languages in which God's inspired Word was given to us?  Well...??
An Admonition
     I am not trying to be offensive to this reader, or to any reader of my studies.  But I stand by my statements made in my study, The Great Golden Pyramid.  I believe I wrote out the truth of God's Word in my study.  
     The only type of architecture I am aware of which has a "headstone" or "capstone" on it is a pyramid.  Seven times in the inspired Word, the Lord Jesus Christ is said to be "the head of the corner."  A literal paraphrase of this statement, would be, "the headstone of the corner."  Now what type of building has a head stone which also serves as the capstone?  Only a pyramid!  
     I think that this statement about Christ being "the head of the corner," being repeated seven times in the inspired Word would be sufficient grounds for any Bible believer to accept it at face value, as spiritual truth.  
     Folks, I refuse to argue against the plain statements of God's Word, in this case a statement which is repeated in the Word seven times.  I would hope that all of God's people would also refuse to reject the truths of God's Word, and argue against what God's Word explicitly and literally says.  
But in Christ Every Believer is Free
     Any reader who is a true believer has been made "free" in Christ Jesus, John 8:32-36.  Then each believer is "free" to believe whatever they want to believe, and whatever theory or opinion they choose to believe, whether it agrees with God's Word or not.  No reader is required to believe what I believe, and vice versa.  But every believer is required to believe what God's Word says.  
     Just remember that Matthew 12:36-37 and 2 Corinthians 5:10 are still in the Bible!  Every believer will be required by the Lord Himself to give account for whatever we believe and teach.  PERIOD!  
     Dear readers, if you "profess" to be a Christian believer, please seriously study God's Word, receiving what God's inspired Word actually says and teaches.  Then, as a "born again" believer, uphold and defend the Word until the Lord takes each of us "home," either by death or by the rapture.   You have my admonition!  
     May the Lord God be pleased to add His blessings to this response and admonition.  Please remember me in prayer when you go to Father God's throne of grace.  2 Corinthians 13:14.  
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