Fay (29 July 2018)
"Reply to Eaglet plus.... Something fishy re the News"

Coupled with a ruddy great elephant in the room.  Read this....ponder and weep. These religious Jews were arrested by..( Drumroll)..... Israeli police. The religious Jews were arrested for reciting scripture. From their own scriptures - in their own country!!!! How utterly screwed up is this?  It's bizarre. The Israeli government will defend Israel with rockets, mortars, bullets etc., but will not allow their own people to worship freely at their own Temple Mount !?? In case it causes "incitement".  Give me a break. The Israeli Temple Mount police are rather too eager to chuck Jews off the Temple Mount for daring to pray *shock gasp horror* but will happily allow soccer playing, Jew bashing thugs to continue as per usual, on the Temple Mount.. This situation is something else. We've been blind to it.  I have always believed the Israeli government to be honest brokers. No longer do I believe this. 

Here are your "synagogue of Satan" people, Eaglet. Perhaps I misread your post but it seemed to include all the Jewish people. En masse. Almighty God would NOT fill up HIS Holy Land with fake Jews. End of! And if we curse Israel (which includes it's people, Eaglet) then Almighty God will curse us. We Bible believing Christians are flourishing on the root stock of the Jewish people. If it weren't for them - the Chosen People - we would not be. We owe our very salvation to our LORD Jesus - who is (current tense) Jewish. Jesus chose the Jewish people to spread His message. Please.... don't denigrate the Jewish people, Eaglet. It will not bode well for you.

Our battle is not against flesh and blood - but against the rulers and politicians of this world. Who - mind bendingly enough - were put in place by Almighty God. Please know that I am not criticizing our wonderful Creator God. I wouldn't dare. I have fallen out with Almighty God before and... believe me... it doesn't end well for me. I received my comeuppance in abundance. Almighty God has put these people in place to show us the obviousness of evil and the consequences of choosing earthly kings over worshiping and obeying Him, alone. I'll be frank - one of the biggest lies that besets some Bible believing Christians, is that the Jewish people have been dumped by God because they rejected Christ. This is blatantly untrue. There are a zillion scriptures to prove this. The Jewish people have been blinded in part - for our sake.

I pray that I misunderstood your post, Eaglet. Israel and the Jewish people are Almighty God's wife. He, alone, can give them what-for. It is beyond our pay grade to judge them. Heaven forbid.


More than 1000 Jews enter Temple Mount on Tisha Be'av, two arrested